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service and repairs

All Solidlights products are coverted by a comprehensive two year warranty. If your light develops a fault within two years of purchase, send it to us with a note of the problem and your return address and we'll repair it and post it back free of charge.

All repairs include a complete check of the light and, if appropriate, upgrades to its electronics, mechanics and software to bring it up to the latest standard. Note that this does not include upgrading a 1203D to XB2.


Do you have a technical question or a problem with your Solidlights? Send us an email at

frequently asked questions

There's a list of frequently asked questions on its own page, which might answer your query.


These manuals are made available in Adobe PDF format.

Part no. Title Size Link
50007 1103, 1303 and 1203D User Manual (also covers battery doubler cable) 604KB download manual
50019 Fork crown mount adapter manual 78KB download manual
  Modifying B+M DTopLight rear light for use with Shimano hub dynamo and Solidlights 1203DR 238KB download manual
50026 Solidlights seal upgrade/replacement instructions 388KB download seal upgrade instructions

old manuals

These manuals have been superseded by newer versions.

Part no. Title Size Link
50001 1103 and 1303 - User Manual 296KB download 1103 and 1303 user manual
50002 Battery Doubler Cable - User Manual 46KB download battery doubler cable user manual